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30th of Jan, 2013 by,, spazio web gratis, hosting php mysql,, goodwork spam tracking by Botnet IP
46.116.228, 96.47.224, 96.47.225, 188.143.232, 68.169.86, 76.76.101,, 173.44.37, 91.236.74, 91.237.249

Spam, cracked sites, redirected to russian pills. if compromise has been fixed, hit me up by DM
Ethical issues
Warning: Quarantined. This site is known to be a Facebook "clickjack", some kind of a "hijack" of the "Facebook Like feature".
See also:
Malicious content, viruses
This domain classified as dangerous for one or more of the following:
Attackers who try to spy or remotely control others' computers by means such Microsoft remote terminal, SSH, Telnet or shared desktops.
Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc.
Sites spreading virus, trojans, spyware, etc. or just being used by them to let their authors know that a new computer has been infected.
Threats for servers: exploits, fake identities/agents, DDoS attackers, etc.
Port scans, which are the first step towards more dangerous actions.
Malicious P2P sharers or bad peers who spread malware, inject bad traffic or share fake archives ...
3 pages comment .....

Warning! 6 items associated with are listed in 3 DNS blacklists.
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP
LISTED SORBS Spamhost (any time)
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP
DNS MX Record (Mail Server) resolves to a blacklisted IP

All malware-related domains at this IP address:

Domain clean by Google Safe Browsing:
Hostname: IP address:

6 minutes check & track by hostgator for spam ....

---> "" 46.116.228
---> "" 96.47.224
---> "" 96.47.225
---> "" 188.143.232
---> "" 68.169.86
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.... - 25 2555 11:03 207 - 2 2555 13:14 99 - 23 2555 05:43 165 ...
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Reverse Whois: Banzai Media S.R.L. owns about130 other domains
Email Search: is associated with about 3 domains
NS History: 2 changes on 3 unique name servers over 11 years
IP History: 6 changes on 4 unique IP addresses over 7 years
Whois History: 2, 817 records have been archived since 2003-04-04
Reverse IP: 8 other sites hosted on this server
Spazio web gratis, hosting php mysql Altervista
Meta Description: Hosting Gratis con supporto PHP e MySQL
Created On: 22-Dec-2000 18:05:39 UTC
Last Updated On: 02-May-2012 16:43:16 UTC
Expiration Date: 22-Dec-2015 18:05:39 UTC
Registrant Organization: Banzai Media S.R.L.
Registrant City: Milano Italy -
IP Location: United States - California - San Francisco - Cloudflare Inc.
2143 days ago by
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Spam, cracked sites, redirected to russian pills. if compromise has been fixed, hit me up by DM
Warning: Quarantined. This site is known to be a Facebook "clickjack", some kind of a "hijack" of the "Facebook Like feature".
Malicious content, viruses
This domain classified as dangerous for one or more of the following:
Threats for email servers or users: spiders/bots, account hijacking, etc. ...

Other references for Spying, Phishing, Scams, Fraud, Easy-Money-Scam, Easy-Money-Survey

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Dietro alle Pagine-Truffa di Facebook c e ...

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Facebook LIKE Clickjack examples

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I've been using Dimio's tools for a while now and I find them to be the most useful
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This subdomain inherits the reputation of

Warning: Quarantined. This site is known to be a Facebook "clickjack", some kind of a "hijack" of the "Facebook Like feature"
Some sites are used for phishing :
Internet Banking/Credit Card/PayPal Scam - Site Hosts a PayPal Account Verification Scam
This website is "rogue" due to unlawful, unsafe or deceptive phishing practices
- Illegal Phishing/ID Theft Scams
- These scammers are only after your Identity and credit card information
- Rogue, Fake, Phishing, Scamming, Fraudulent, Spamvertised
- User beware. Do not become their next victim
... plenty comments ...

Reference Reports for Firewall Attacks, Hacking, Spying, Scanning
Scams, Fraud, Truffa Facebook ClickJack, Account HiJacking

Action fraud - Computer Forensics & Crimine Informatico

Ethical Hacking - Hacking Tutorials - Facebook Password
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