Cool Cleveland 08.29.12 Rising Stars -

29th of Aug, 2012 by Admin
Cool Cleveland 08.29.12 Rising Stars
From: Thomas Mulready <>
Rising Stars

If you wold have told us a few years ago that Cleveland's emerging chefs
would be world famous, or that Ohio's unemployment rate would be 1%
better than the national average, or that we'd have $11 billion of new
development in the region, or that Rust Belt Chic would take over the
zeitgeist, well, even with our eternal optimism, it would have been hard
to believe.

But it's real, and we have our rising stars to thank. Akron's Shivering
Timbers premiere their new release, green builders huddle in the
Treehouse, there's a Greek Fest in Kamm's Corners, a sidewalk sale on
Larchmere, and Emerging Chefs host a midnight brunch under the stars.
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Photo by Elisa Vietri
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Rust Belt Chic
There's Something About Cle

There is something especially intriguing about our city nowadays and
this so-called "Rust Belt Chic" everyone's been talking about.

Local writers Anne Trubek and Richey Piiparinen decided to take hold of
this "rust belt revival" narrative and allow Clevelanders the chance to
define what's happening in our city.

To, as Trubek says, "...tell it our (Cleveland's) way, from the
inside-out, instead of having others describe us to ourselves..."
Read more from Sarah Valek here

Want your star to shine bright? Consider CoolCleveland Sponsored Links
and Sponsored Videos.

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How To WIN .

SPONSORED: Got Green? Party of the Year? On Fri 9/7, culinary superstar
Steve Schimoler of Crop Bistro & Bar serves it up at the Lakewood
Community Services Center community garden featuring two raffles: 2 RT
tix & a 4 day stay at Tulum Riveria Maya in Mexico, or a private 7
course dinner for 2 at Crop. Info: here . Tickets:
here .
VIDEO: Rising Star Coffee Roasters
Brewed Fresh Every Day

Rising Star Coffee Roasters is a unique little coffee shop located on
the edge of Ohio City. You may mistake the outside of the building for a
fire station, but believe me, they brew one heck of a cup of joe.

With local ingredients, and coffee from around the world, Rising Star
Coffee's coffee has to be one of the best around. Take an extra couple
steps and head on over to where they brew all their coffee by the cup.

Barista John Johnson froths over with his passion, roasting and brewing
the best cup of coffee in town. Up next: public cuppings and tasting
flights. Check out the video here

SPONSORED: Public Square is turning into Pancake Square! Don't forget
United Way of Greater Cleveland's Campaign Kickoff and Pancake Flip on
Thu 8/30 on Public Square from 7-10AM. Pancakes, sausages and orange
juice are only $5, complimentary coffee on-site, plus $5 Bakers Square
gift cards FREE for the first 3, 000 breakfasts! Announcement of 2012
Campaign Goal at 8AM. More info: 216-436-2121 or .

Cleveland Clinic star interns
are transforming health care while the country debates the politics.
Interns in the Cleveland Clinic Office of Civic Education Initiatives
engaged in hands-on programs this summer to provide research, assist &
test innovations in modern health care.

* Local chefs Hodgson, Nowak step up
and offer meals as prizes for Got Green? on Fri 9/7.

Click here for more News and Biz

SPONSORED: Got Green? Dig Where You Live Join the coolest gathering in
town on Fri 9/7, when culinary superstar Steve Schimoler of Crop Bistro
& Bar serves up a Fall harvest menu at the Lakewood Community Services
Center community garden in Lakewood. Kristine Jackson & KJ Blues will
rock the tent with special guests Cream of the Crop, featuring Schimoler
and his kitchen musicians. Get more info here . Get your
tickets here .
VIDEO: Tri-C Alum: "I Can't Say Enough About The Teachers"
Jean Spitalsky Upgrades Her Career

Tri-C Alum Jean Spitalsky enjoys an Alumni & Friends Association event
at a Cleveland Indians game, and talks about how she kicked her career
up a notch at Tri-C.

"I decided to improve my job skills... I can't say enough about the
teachers. They really help you."

If you're a Tri-C alum and you'd like to attend cool alumni events like
this one, sign up for free: .

Check out the video interview here
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Blue Moon Campfire Once in a
blue moon... Yes, Fri 8/31 is your chance to witness a blue moon while
night hiking & roasting marshmallows over a campfire.

* Completely ethnic
The Hungarian Scout Festival is totally cultural... in an old country
kinda way.

Click here for more Cool Cleveland Kids events
Cleveland Rocks: Past, Present & Future
Ian Hunter to Kick Off Local Music Initiative

Legendary music impresario Steve Popovich of Cleveland International
Records passed away last year before anyone had a chance to document his
role, his perspectives and his stories. Beachland Ballroom owner Cindy
Barber and other Cleveland music scene veterans don't want that to
happen again. Plus, there's work to be done to help the region's popular
music community network and develop as a career base and center for live

"Cleveland Rocks" author Ian Hunter has been invited to kick it all off
on Wed 9/26 with an interview at the Rock Hall at 7PM and a VIP
reception at Crop Bistro and Bar.

WED 8/29
Still going strong:
Walnut Wednesdays. Hit up some food trucks this Wed 8/29. Do it soon
before summer's over & the snow starts falling. (Just kidding.)

Click here for more events on Wed 8/29

THU 8/30
Pancakes on Public Square
Local celebrities will be flippin' flapjacks on Thu 8/30. Stop by, have
a plate & help out United Way Cleveland. More than 3, 000 breakfasts will
be served.

* Cleveland Rocks Tattoo Convention
Three days of ink.

* LoveMuffin Palooza Three
days of music. Rock out this holiday weekend.

Click here for more events on Thu 8/30

FRI 8/31
Shivering Timbers
album release show @ Musica on Fri 8/31. Yes, the odd folk blues duo is
back w/ new music for your listening pleasure.

* Midnight Brunch
Brunch under the stars?

Click here for more events on Fri 8/31

SAT 9/1
Hot Latin Dance Party
Are you down for a night of dancing? TropicalCleveland hosts some of the
hottest parties & the one on Sat 9/1 is no exception. Salsa lessons
offered onsite!

* Farewell to Summer Beach Party
Saying goodbye has never been so fun.

* Greek Fest in Kamm's Corners
Greek dancing, food, pasty & more offered on 3 days.

* Lakewood Farmers Market
Stock up on those fresh veggies.

* Larchmere Sidewalk Sale
Score some deals from the boutiques & indie shops lining Larchmere.

* Made in Ohio Festival
ShopLOCAL @ Hale Farm & Village.

Click here for more events on Sat 9/1

SPONSORED: Two boffo Cleveland Orchestra concerts this weekend on WCLV
104.9. On Sat 9/1 at 8PM, it's the acclaimed concert performance of
Richard Strauss' Salome, in which a central character loses his head.
And on Sun 9/2 at 4PM, Marin Alsop's debut with the Orchestra features
Saint-Saens's Organ Symphony with Joela Jones at the keyboard of the
Norton Memorial Organ.

SUN 9/2
Akron Hip Hop Showcase
Show some love for hip hop on Sun 9/2. The legendary De La Soul will
perform, along with lesser-knowns & newcomers @ Akron Civic Theatre.
Feel the beat.

* Rebel Army Radio Awards
Cle's biggest rap music awards show is back.

Click here for more events on Sun 9/2

MON 9/3
Get cultural
this Labor Day. Ohio's Celtic & International Fall Fest runs from Fri
8/31 - Mon 9/3. Music, food & plenty of activities for the kiddos. Plus,
shows from all parts of the globe.

Click here for more events on Mon 9/3

TUE 9/4
Calling all green builders...
Whether you're a tree hugger, engineer or real estate broker, you're
welcome to Networking Night at the Treehouse on Tue 9/4. Discuss green
building & help a good cause.

Click here for more events on Tue 9/4

WED 9/5
Wanna help our beaches?
Become an Urban Beach Ambassador & help keep Cle's beaches in shape.
Meet @ Edgewater Park on Wed 9/5 to learn about the program.

Click here for more events on Wed 9/5

Send your cool events to:

Personhood Debate Brings GOP Chickens Home to Roost

Back in 1998 when I was editor of the Cleveland Tab alternative
newspaper, we conducted endorsement meetings with the area's political

Running against U.S. Representative Dennis Kucinich that year was
Republican Joe Slovenec, an anti-abortion zealot affiliated with Randall
Terry's radical Operation Rescue group...
Read more from Larry Durstin here

The Case of Tony Farmer
A Sad Tale of the Times We Live In

A good friend called last week to lament the fact Tony Farmer, the
18-year-old former Garfield Heights High School basketball star (he was
also ranked as one of the top 100 high school hoopsters in the nation),
was sent to prison for three years for an array of crimes related to him
eventually going caveman on a young woman who supposedly was trying to
break up with him...
Read this story from Mansfield Frazier here

Read other recent pieces by Mansfield Frazier here

What Women Can Learn from Men
5 Easy Steps to Boost Your Interviewing Confidence

I've been career coaching clients for many years and there's a major
difference between most male and female job and grad school candidates.

At first I thought it was a random occurrence, but, after hundreds of
interactions and tremendous success stories, I noticed a pattern: the
men would set a goal and, with laser focus, achieve it, quickly.

The women? Far more hesitation and, dare I say it, lack of confidence in
their approach...
Read more from Alex Sukhoy here

Cleveland "Downtown Comeback" Eludes Euclid Avenue

I took a walk in downtown Cleveland after an absence of more than two

For all the talk I've been hearing about the resurgence of downtown the
walk was more than disappointing...
Read this story from Roldo Bartimole here

Read other recent pieces by Roldo Bartimole here

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Comment on our blog here:

MANSFIELD: Turning a Losing Hand Into a Winning One will be there --
hope it works out -- been waiting 4 a place on the eastside...
Read the comment from Jeff Tietel here

The Detroit-Superior Bridge Needs You I have always wanted to see this
part of the bridge! Opening it to the public would be awesome!...
Read the comment from Michael O'Callaghan here

This could be such a neat addition to downtown...
Read the comment from Sandy Maline here

Read and comment here:

Most clicked
Here are the Top 5 most clicked links from last week's issue, with one
more chance for you to click.

1) The Detroit-Superior Bridge
Needs You

2) CPL's BookBox:
Shop the Market. Pick up books.

Turning a Losing Hand Into a Winning One

4) Lakewood Neighborhood Bottle
hits the shelves

A Wonderful Experience at Blossom

We're all stars here. Mad props to: Roldo Bartimole, Martin Bielat,
Larry Durstin, Mansfield Frazier, Alex Sukhoy and Sarah Valek. And
lastly, though certainly not least, thanks to our readers and everyone
who partners with us. Want to volunteer and contribute your writing to
Cool Cleveland? Send your reviews, articles, or story ideas to: .

How high can we go?

--Thomas Mulready

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All contents (c)2012 Cool Networks LLC all rights reserved

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