sell runescape gp with Up to 7% off as 2019 Best Easter Giveaway Till Apr.26

22nd of Apr, 2019 by qiuheshuo
sell runescape gp with Up to 7% off as 2019 Best Easter Giveaway Till Apr.26
I died like 30 times trying to get him in a legitimate fight until the idea of kicking him off the cliff right outside runescape gold where he spawns occurred to me. Worked perfectly first try.Commenting just to lend support to the validity of these EHP rates. They are very up to date with the current meta. There are already a lot of issues with the current EHP values several xp/hr rates are over 25% higher or lower than they should be,

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We not talking about whether or not people enjoy activities here. Many don enjoy high level PvM for any reason other than that it makes money. It not like you can buy any significant amount of anima from the shop and it is literally a few minutes of something they don enjoy to make the anima they are purchasing. For everything else like runespan points, SC clay, livid farm etc, at least you are buying an hour worth of work or more. 1 point submitted 22 days ago

Solo Nex is very close to 20m/hr with max cape, rax is about the same, telos, even now, is an upwards of 80m/hr (based on my kill speeds which utilize neither normals nor 4taa, and released drop averages) with around 20m of that being in commons alone, assuming you streak drops to 999. I venture to say that if a person can streak 100 300 they be making more than 22m/hr on average.

You have to also remember that the average person that would be able to farm anima in the ways required to meet those requirements would probably be skilled enough in pvm to make an excess of 22m/hr at one of the listed locationsSolak hovers around 30, and honestly im not entirely sure ed2 isnt somewhere around there as well. Rago has been over 20m/hr trio for quite a long time too. There are just soooo many things that almost literally poop gp.

With the theme of RS3 shifting towards making skills go to 120, and summoning being one of the more common/easy/fast skills to level past 99, I see this as being a good, niche familiar that would likely be used in an encounter that we not yet seen, but also after a 120 Summoning rework.

Also, you can pretty much auto attack golems to death on p5 with a shield on if you sunned, revenged, and caded, through 700%, making the auto attack speed with a wand the same as staff is utterly pointless, especially since the dual wield auto attack numbers are already scuffed.I guess what I getting at is the fact that dual wield autos are already broken stacked with a longer auto cooldown is going to completely invalidate dual wield.I think a good solution to this would be either to use the same numbers for autos if they going to be timed the same (Think 1 100% auto instead of autoing twice for 66.6% and 33.3% to reach that number), or to simply have auto damage reflect the speed of the weapon used to generate the auto cooldown.
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